Find Your Unique Voice & Create Your Dream Business: 3-Day Challenge

Aspiring and Budding Women Entrepreneurs

3 Day Challenge
Find your unique voice 
Creating a meaningful business you love becomes effortless when you align it with who you are
When you build your business around your unique voice you'll:
  • Be doing what you love all day long
  • Attract perfect clients who love working with you
  • Sell your products and services with confidence
  • Feel calmer and more in control of your life
  • Have more influence and make a bigger impact

This challenge is evergreen and can be taken anytime. When you follow the daily assignments you qualify for a grand prize.


Sofia Roper

Hi, I'm Sofia.

Creator of the U-CARE Method - a way for you to build a meaningful business you love from the inside out.

I've combined more than three decades of business, personal development, tech, and coaching experience to help you build your dream business and get it online and working quickly.

One of my greatest gifts is my ability to simplify anything. This comes in handy when I quickly want to help a client shift their mindset or solve a business or tech problem.

I'd describe myself as a deep geek with a dash of dry wit and a passion for helping women use their true authentic power to build amazing businesses and lives. 

Sofia is a great coach - she is straightforward and funny! Love her no-nonsense coaching style! She's been my coach over the past several years. When I felt stuck or unclear about what to do she was able to quickly help me come to a grounded and clear thinking place. It was then easy to discern how to go forward. I would recommend her to anyone looking for growth in their business. ~ Theresa DeMarco 

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